Van Jones Stuns Don Lemon, Gives Trump Huge Compliment On Live TV


CNN host Van Jones did the unthinkable on CNN of all places and told the truth about President Trump.

He praised Trump for his bipartisan prison reform bill saying he deserved “credit” and “applause.”

“Jared Kushner, his father went to prison. He’s been a passionate advocate on this issue for awhile,” Jones started.

“I think that when you have formerly incarcerated people taking the lead, which has really been the driving force here, and law enforcement and, you know, strong senators on both sides of the aisle — President Trump said listen, if this is going to make the streets safer, if it’s going to give people a fairer chance, some of these forgotten men and women, some of them are in Appalachia as well, let’s do something,” Jones said.

“I think you got to give [Trump] some credit. When Obama was in office, no matter what he did, the right wing just kicked his butt. I mean, he did stuff that the conservatives have been begging him to do and then they kicked his butt,” Jones said.

“So I say, the 99 times I don’t agree with the president, I’m going to give him hell, but on this one, I’ll give him a salute and an applause. We’ve got to come together to help the people at the bottom.”

“There are 200,000 people behind bars. They have no hope, no help. We haven’t passed a bill to help them in almost two generations.

This is something both parties can take some credit for it. I hope we will give this thing a chance to pass.”

“Give the man his due: @realDonaldTrump is on his way to becoming the uniter-in-Chief on an issue that has divided America for generations.

Congrats to everyone on both sides who fought for this.”


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