US To Send Asylum Seekers Back To Mexico Starting Friday


A spokesman for Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrado just confirmed that the first Central American migrants will be returned to Mexico to wait for their asylum case to be processed.

This is a major win for the Trump administration and one many predicted would never come to pass.

This will have a tremendous impact on our border crisis and will alleviate the burden on our over worker enforcement agencies.

Look, we are the most generous nation in the world but we have our limits – that is all Trump is trying to get done here – have other countries step up and help us.

Multi-party solutions are always better and hopefully, Trump will strike more of these deals as time goes on.

From Reuters: 

The United States will return the first group of migrants seeking asylum in the United States to the Mexican border city of Tijuana on Friday, a spokesman for Mexico’s president said on Thursday.

In a major policy change, U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration said on Dec. 20 it would send non-Mexican migrants who cross the U.S. southern border back to wait in Mexico while their U.S. asylum requests are processed.

The spokesman for President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s office did not specify the nationalities of those to be returned to Mexico, although the policy was aimed at helping cope with rising numbers of Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States.


The two countries have held two meetings to work out details of the plan to return migrants seeking U.S. asylum across the shared border. Mexico has said it will not accept anybody facing a credible threat in Mexican territory.

One of the new Mexican president’s first acts was to make this deal with Trump and with Central American nations.

This is progress. From DW:

Minutes after Mexico’s new president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was sworn in on Saturday, he and the leaders of three Central American states signed a declaration to cut the number of people fleeing their countries for a better life abroad.

Lopez Obrador, who is the country’s first leftist president in 70 years, agreed with the leaders of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to tackle deep poverty and other emigration push factors from their respective nations.

The Integral Development Plan, with the support of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, aims to create a fund to boost jobs and welfare.


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