Twitter Removes Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter’s Tweet Praising Rand Paul’s Assault For Violating Rules


It took a few days but Twitter has finally done the right thing and removed Nancy Pelosi’s daughter’s scandalous tweet praising the felony assault on Rand Paul.

She should be ashamed of what she has done but she appears to not care. Maybe twitter putting her in a time-out will help her come to her senses.

“Given that my wife and I had traveled extensively during the weeks prior to COVID-19 social distancing practices, and that I am at a higher risk for serious complications from the virus due to having part of my lung removed seven months ago, I took a COVID-19 test when I arrived in D.C. last Monday,” Rand Paul said in a statement.

“I believe we need more testing immediately, even among those without symptoms. The nature of COVID-19 put me and us all in a Catch-22 situation.”

He continued, “I didn’t fit the criteria for testing or quarantine. I had no symptoms and no specific encounter with a COVID-19 positive person.”

“I had, however, traveled extensively in the U.S. and was required to continue doing so to vote in the Senate.  That, together with the fact that I have a compromised lung, led me to seek testing.  Despite my positive test result, I remain asymptomatic for COVID-19.”

Now, what most people don’t know or remember is that Rand Paul had serious medical complications following the assault by his neighbor, including some lung damage.

That means that he is in the highest risk category as the coronavirus goes after the lungs and reports claim that those with already damaged lungs face a higher risk.

Enter Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, who went on Twitter and responded to Mitt Romney saying he was going into quarantine and he was worried about his wife who has MS.

Pelosi’s response: “Rand Paul’s neighbor was right.”


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