Trump To Get Rid Of Useless Obama Rule Targeting Faith Based Adoption Programs


President Trump is getting rid of another Obama-era regulation that restricts the rights of people based on their religious beliefs.

The left will howl with rage, no doubts, but Trump is simply righting a wrong Obama snuck in in his final weeks in office.

In this case, Trump is overturning a regulation that bars federally funded adoption and foster-care programs from using religious beliefs as a determining criterion.

From The Washington Times: “Today, the administration is proposing a regulation to fulfill President Trump’s promise to allow faith-based social service providers who receive HHS grants to continue serving their communities without compromising their beliefs,” said a senior administration official.

The official noted that the Obama administration imposed the rule in its final weeks in office, and said the Trump administration is “committed to doing rule-making right, and to removing regulatory barriers that prevent non-profits from doing what they do best — serving the needy and vulnerable in their communities.”

“The administration is also fully committed to preserving the religious freedom rights of faith-based organizations,” the official said.

The administration has been signaling such a move, saying the Obama rule has harmed foster-care services. For example, in January, the administration granted a waiver from the Obama rule for Miracle Hill Ministries in South Carolina, which only works with heterosexual Christian families in a federally funded foster care program. Advocates say Miracle Hill wouldn’t be able to continue recruiting parents under the current rule.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton urged the administration in January 2018 to repeal the Obama administration’s rule. He said it conflicts with the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, which was introduced by current Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer of New York, and with state law.

“People of faith should not be required to forfeit their sincerely held religious beliefs as a condition of helping Texas’ most vulnerable children,” Mr. Paxton wrote. “The rule substantially burdens religious beliefs of providers whose faith disagrees with same-sex marriage and precludes them from placing children in such arrangements.”


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