Trump Supporter Viciously Assaulted By Liberal Mob In London (Video)


London was a tale of two cities for Trump’s historic state visit. There were liberal protesters out screaming hysterics in the streets.

There were pro-Trump crowds chanting ‘we love Trump’ in massive numbers. But, as far as we can report, only one side went too far.

The liberal goons viciously attacked this Trump supporter and I don’t know what is worse – all those around laughing or the fact that the guy is twice everyone’s age and to assault an older guy like this is the height of cowardice.

From Breitbart: Here is a Donald Trump supporter being attacked with a milkshake, jostled, and shrieked at by an angry leftist mob perpetrating violence with impunity outside London’s Houses of Parliament.

It’s a vignette that illustrates perfectly the state of modern Britain.

The masked, hooded man — since when were disguises necessary for ‘peaceful’ protests? — standing right next to a policewoman.

The policewoman, clearly petrified and out of her depth, apparently quite incapable of responding appropriately to a physical assault — a milkshake attack on an innocent stranger — right in front of her.

A fat, ugly woman with a hideous haircut, shrieking ‘Nazi scum’ — oblivious to the irony that if anyone is acting like a Nazi in this scenario it is certainly not the white-haired gentleman.

The banners representing the ugly coalition of the radical left — Extinction Rebellion eco-loons; EU-worshipping Remainers; Trade Unions; Socialists.

Yesterday on Sky News, presenter Kay Burley asked me what were the main obstacles to a successful Donald Trump visit.

I said the biggest concern was the threat of violence from the rent-a-mob crowd of protesters using Trump as their latest excuse for their usual orgy of hate.

This outrageous suggestion was laughed off by the left-leaning American comedian standing next to me. He insisted that these protests were always peaceful, family events.


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