Trump Shuts Down Jim Acosta, Reminds Him Of Obama’s Blunder: “You Know The Answer To That”


Trump shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta today after Acosta tried his usual gotcha questions. “Where is Dr. Fauci?” Acosta asked.

Trump fired back, “I don’t know. But every time you ask that question – whenever he is not here, and you say, ‘Where is he, is there a problem?’ No problem whatsoever.”

“That’s the first question that you and a couple of others in the fake news establishment ask: ‘Where is Dr. Fauci?’”

“Sometimes I’ll ask him to come because that’s the first question you and a couple of others from fake news establishment ask,” Trump stated.

“We’re doing great together,” Trump concluded.

Acosta wasn’t done looking backward when he should be focused on the crisis at hand and asked Trump:

“Why don’t we have enough masks or equipment?

Trump said: “Previous administrations gave us very little ammunition for the military and very little shelf space.”

Left unsaid is the incredible greed and dereliction of duty by Obama, Bush, Clinton and our CEO’s who shipped the supply chain and manufacturing base to China and other countries.

Now, when we need to ramp up production we find domestic capacity too limited and when we tell our companies to sell us all their equipment made overseas we get blocked by export controls or otherwise have to spend valuable time making tradeoffs with foreign governments.

Believe me, if the morons had not shipped everything overseas we would not be in this position and remember, Trump ran to stop the practice.


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