Trump Sends James Comey To Dustbin Of History With Scorching Takedown


President Trump just sent James Comey reeling with a blistering rebuke of the debacle that is and was James Comey’s career.

The guy literally interfered in our elections, against all advice and precedent and common sense, and then, to the horrors of all Americans, he did it again.

Talk about a dolt – he lets Hillary off the hook and then he sunk her campaign and then he set his sights on Trump and tried to torpedo him.

All to satisfy his ego? Why else showboat around playing both sides of the fence to the satisfaction of no one?

From The Daily Mail: Donald Trump accused FBI leadership of orchestrating a cover-up of campaign spying on Tuesday — furthering his claim that one the America’s most venerable institutions was led by crooked cops, until he cleaned house.

Trump claimed in a tweet that the bureau’s allegations of Russian collusion against his associates was a poor attempt to justify the surveillance he’s long accused the federal government of using to illicitly monitor his campaign.

‘The rank and file of the FBI are great people who are disgusted with what they are learning about Lyin’ James Comey and the so-called “leaders” of the FBI,’ he began. ‘Twelve have been fired or forced to leave. They got caught spying on my campaign and then called it an investigation. Bad!’

Trump has claimed in recent days that Comey, the FBI director he fired for alleged incompetence, and his since dismissed underlings were corrupt.

He is seeking to make the case the agents at the law enforcement agency chasing down Russian election meddling had a vendetta against him, and levied trumped up charges against his aides and associates to pursue their duplicitous agenda.

The president says that he never engaged in ‘Russian collusion’ and allegations that his campaign did are a ‘hoax’ that he now claims was designed to cover fired FBI agents’ tracks.

His charges against ousted FBI leaders follow reports that they launched a counterintelligence investigation into him after he canned Comey and met the next day at the White House with the Russians.

The revelation forced him into a position on Monday where he had to deny publicly that he was ever a foreign agent of Russia.

Trump has been asked the question during a phone interview on Fox News on Saturday night and did not deny the claim directly.

But Monday, as a backlash mounted, he denied the charge that the New York Times says was at the center of an FBI probe into him as he prepared to board Marine One ahead of a trip to New Orleans to address a farming group.

‘I never worked for Russia, and you know that answer better than anybody,’ he told a reporter as he left a snowy White House for Louisiana. ‘Not only did never work for Russia, I think it’s a disgrace that you even asked that question, because it’s a whole big fat hoax.’

Instead, he unleashed on the FBI.  Trump called FBI bosses, including ex-acting director Andrew McCabe and former FBI lovers and agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, ‘known scoundrels’ and said that was why they launched a probe into his relationship with Russia after ‘Crooked Hillary’ failed her bid for the presidency.

He claimed in a new attack on Comey that he, too, was a ‘bad cop’ and a ‘dirty cop’ and he did the country a favor when he fired him.

‘What happened with the FBI, I have done a great service for the country when I fired James Comey. He was a bad cop and he was a dirty cop and he lied, he really lied,’ he said. 


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