Trump Hopes To Reopen America By Easter: “That would be a great American resurrection”


President Trump just gave a date for “the great American resurrection” and he wants the day to be Easter Sunday, April 12th.

“It’s not built to shut down. Our people are full of vim and vigor and energy,” Trumps said during a town hall with Fox News.

“They don’t want to be locked in a house or an apartment or some space,” Trump added.

“You can destroy a country this way by closing it down where it literally goes from being the most prosperous,” Trump said.

“I would love to have it open by Easter,” April 12. He says it’s an important day for other reasons, but he wants it important “for this too.”

Fox host Bill Hemmer replied quickly with the line of the day, “that would be a great American resurrection.”

“Our people want to return to work. They will practice Social Distancing and all else, and Seniors will be watched over protectively & lovingly. We can do two things together,” Trump tweeted earlier.

“THE CURE CANNOT BE WORSE (by far) THAN THE PROBLEM! Congress MUST ACT NOW. We will come back strong!”


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