Trump Gets Over 140,000 More Votes Than Joe Biden In Georgia Primary


President Donald Trump’s voters continue to defy tradition and are coming out in huge numbers for his primary contests.

In a bad sign for Joe Biden, Trump has so far received more than 140,000 votes than Joe Biden in the Georgia primary.

Turning Georgia blue is a Dem dream but considering that right now Trump has more votes than all the Dem candidates combined that dream seems far off.

From Newsweek:

With 70 percent of the precincts reporting for the GOP, Trump has gained 698,825 votes, compared with 552,253 for Biden, with 63 percent of precincts reporting for the Democrats, according to NBC News data.

Trump also received more votes than all of the Democratic candidates combined, including Senator Bernie Sanders, who received over 67,000 votes, and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who received nearly 12,000, as well as candidates who dropped out of the race months ago.

The president also outperformed former President Barack Obama’s vote totals from the 2012 Georgia primary. Obama was running unopposed in the state and got 139,273 votes, over 500,000 fewer votes than Trump has received thus far.

Trump has been able to drive up voter turnout, resulting in his getting more votes than Obama did, multiple times already during this primary season. In the Iowa caucuses, Trump got over 30,000 more votes than Obama did in 2012. In New Hampshire, Trump got nearly 130,000 votes, more than twice as many as the former president received in 2012.

Trump and Biden both won their respective primaries, giving Biden even more delegates after he won the 1,991 he needs to get his party’s nomination. It is the first time the former vice president has clinched his party’s nomination in the three times he has run for president.

In a statement a few days after reaching 1,991 delegates, Biden said he is building a movement “that will transform our nation.”


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