Trump Finds Nasty Skeleton In Obama’s Closet, Publicly Exposes It


Trump started off his speech taking a few shots at Barack Obama, specifically the small crowd he was able to cobble together. Trump still draws 20,000+ and crowd size matters as it is indicative of energy.

Energy will carry the day this midterm as it will be very close and turnout will be key. The GOP has looked good in early voting but there are some ominous signs on the horizon; none bigger than reports the young voters are turning out. If they do in huge numbers it will not be a good night for the GOP. But they rarely ever turn out and have crushed many a Democrats dreams in the past.

Then Trump went after Barack personally, Trump is a counter puncher and this was after Obama basically called him a liar. He didn’t use his name but it was clear he was talking about Trump, or at least Trump thought so.

“I heard him talk about telling the truth. He was talking about you have to tell the truth. And yet, 28 times he said, you can keep your doctor, if you like your doctor. You can keep your plan if you like the plan,” Trump said.

“They were all lies. Over and over again you heard that.” Then Trump reached deep into Obama’s closet and found a nasty skeleton, one that should still be headline news across the country.

For all the crap they give Trump for his contentious relationship with the media it seems everyone forgot what Obama did. Thankfully, Trump did not and publicly reminded the entire nation.

“Then I heard him talk about the freedom of the press, we have to maintain the press, we have to love those people – except that nobody was worse to he press than Obama, nobody.’

Trump went on to explain that Obama allowed his Justice Department to prosecute and spy on reporters. Obama went after leakers and the reporters who published them like no other and crickets…Trump says a few nasty words and it is the end of democracy…

‘But he’s talking about how I should be nice to the fake news,’ Trump said. ‘No thank you.’


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