Trump Discovers Bipartisan Fix For GM Mess With Sherrod Brown And It’ll Work


President Trump is a deal maker who ran against both establishment parties and won. So the media hysteria over DC gridlock with the newly empowered Dems is overblown because Trump has much on his agenda that appeals to the left.

Infrastructure and better trade deals used to be Democratic goals but they sold their souls for the corporate money and lost their base and their way.

So if they are serious about making this great country even better, they will find a willing partner in Trump, just like Sherrod Brown did with a new fix for the GM mess.

From The Washington Examiner: Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said Thursday that President Trump told him he’s prepared to support legislation to tweak his tax cut bill that passed last year in order to help GM, which has said it will close down manufacturing plants and lay off workers.

Brown said he talked to Trump on Wednesday about getting rid of a tax break in the law that incentivizes U.S. companies to move overseas, which he said the president agreed was a bad policy.

“He wasn’t really aware of that, but he said he would help,” Brown said on CNN. He said Trump agreed to back a bill from Brown that would end that tax break.

“We’re gonna work on this and I’m gonna take the president at his word,” Brown said.

“He doesn’t always do what he says, but he promised this, and we’re going to move forward and hope we can get this through Congress.”

Look, Paul Ryan snuck a lot of corporate goodies into the massive tax overhaul and that happens every time we do a new tax plan.

The lobbyists get ahold of the weak politicians like Paul Ryan and they insert little rules for their clients and thus ruin good bills. Happens every time and after the dust settles usually we fix and remove these mistakes.


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