Trump Celebrates Historic Achievement In White House With Allies: 150 Judges Confirmed


“I will do everything in my power to halt judicial activism,” President Trump said as he celebrated another historic achievement – confirming 150 judges to the Federal bench totally remaking the judiciary.

The left really has no idea what hit them and as they love to say, elections have consequences.

They do and remember Trump’s historic win was not just his own, he carried the entire GOP ticket to an upset win in the Senate.

Without the Senate, in GOP control there is no Brett Kavanaugh or Neil Gorsuch.

“I always wanted to be the strong, silent type but it never worked out,” Trump joked.

“You don’t have to worry about Beto any more,” Trump said to John Cornyn. “He doesn’t like guns, religion or oil.”

Trump added to the crowd’s delight: “Soon will have 182 federal judges confirmed.”


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