Trey Gowdy Gives Chuck Schumer Brutal Dose Of Reality After Chuck Whined About Mueller’s New Boss


President Trump exercised his constitutional authority and fired Jeff Sessions and named Matt Whitaker as acting AG. Whitaker is Jeff’s chief of staff and is a natural placeholder to keeps the trains running on time until a new Attorney General can be picked, vetted, and confirmed by the Senate.

This is normal stuff but it set of the newly empowered Democrats to make claims that Whitaker is only there to subvert the Mueller investigation. One would assume we have professionals working in the DOJ so this could never happen, yet Schumer still called for action.

“Given his previous comments advocating defunding and imposing limitations on the Mueller investigation, Mr. Whitaker should recuse himself from its oversight for the duration of his time as acting attorney general,” Schumer said. 

Chuck then went on to say he was worried that Whitaker would try to limit the endless scope of the Mueller investigation. Enter Trey Gowdy. He told Fox News’ Brett Baier that Chuck has little real knowledge of the law and then schooled him.

“Every prosecutor has jurisdictional boundaries. I don’t know a single prosecutor that does not. Mueller’s jurisdictional boundaries were set by Rod Rosenstein in the memo you have seen and they were altered, amended in the memo that we have not seen. (See Video Below)

But there has never been a prosecutor that just had unfettered power to go investigate whatever the heck he or she wanted to do.”

“If you’re a state prosecutor you can’t investigate federal crimes. If you’re in New York, you can’t investigate things in Idaho. So the notion that we are going to create a special counsel that has no boss, no jurisdictional strictures at all is just typical Chuck Schumer and I think it’s why so few people take them seriously,”

As to whether Rod Rosenstein should take over as many so-called experts are calling for, Trey reminded them of one small thing that disqualified Rod.

“These are interesting times that we are in. Rod Rosenstein, I was ready to question him, I had 37 pages worth of questions for him, Bret, a couple weeks ago.

Of course he is alleged to have wanted to vote the 25th Amendment and question the president’s fitness for office, so I’m not sure that would’ve been the right pick.”


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