Trey Gowdy Finds Skeleton In Obama’s Closet, Says Barack’s Team Went After Trump’s Kids On Inauguration Day


Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy just found a scandalous skeleton in Barack Obama’s administration closet and if Trump didn’t know before he will be furious.

Gowdy, appearing on Fox News, made the astounding claim that team Obama did not just go after Mike Flynn but they went after Trump’s kids.

Gowdy said on the day of Trump’s inauguration this is what team Obama did: “The morning of the inauguration, President Trump’s family members’ names were unmasked.”

From BPR:

Former South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy revealed Thursday that then-incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn wasn’t the only one whom Obama administration officials had sought to unmask in late 2016 and early 2017 — they’d also tried to unmask members of then-President-elect Donald Trump’s family.

“There was an unmasking request made the morning of the inauguration,” he said during an appearance on FNC “America’s Newsroom.” “The morning of the inauguration, President Trump’s family members’ names were unmasked.”

While the former congressman cited no evidence to back this up, it’s presumed he gleaned this information from intelligence reports he’d read during his tenure as the chair of the House Oversight Committee prior to his retirement in early 2019.

Reporting by award-winning journalist Adam Housley suggests Flynn “is just the tip of the iceberg” apropos those who were targeted by the Obama administration:

In light of all this emerging information, the goal now is to investigate these unmaskings, according to Senate Judiciary chair Lindsey Graham.

“In light of General Flynn’s unmasking by the Obama Administration, the job of Congress will be to perform oversight of these unmasking requests to ensure the process was used for legitimate national security concerns, not reprisals or political curiosity,” he said in tweets posted Wednesday.

“I specifically want to know how many unmasking requests were made, if any, beyond General Flynn regarding members of the Trump campaign team, family, or associates.”


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