Tourist Films Grizzly Bear Attacking Buffalo In Yellowstone Parking Lot, Releases Footage To Public


A tourist to Yellowstone was enjoying the almost crowd-free park when he caught a stunning event on camera.

Michael Daus filmed footage of a bear attacking a bison in a Yellowstone parking lot. Nature has indeed taken advantage of the lack of humans in our parks.

The five-minute film shows the bison charging at the bear only to see the bear turn the tables and go on the offensive. (See Video Below)

The fight goes on aa for a bit and moves location before its predictable end. Also, it seems the guy was out of his car when he filmed this which is crazy.

From Newsweek:

The encounter took place near the Grand Prismatic Overlook trail and was shot by Michael Daus, who owns Jackson Hole PO, in Jackson, Wyoming. The video, shot on an iPhone and posted to YouTube, was taken on May 31. He took it during a day trip to the national park with his family.

In a caption to the video, Daus said he saw the grizzly bear near the road about a mile from where the encounter took place. He and his family carried bear spray and had remained “on the lookout” for it.

“We weren’t crazy about returning to find the bear so close, just beyond the opposite side of the small parking area,” he said.

“We didn’t even see it until we were at our vehicle. I was particularly relieved that the bear seemed more interested in the bison, so while very close to the car, we simply maintained what felt like a safe distance.”

Grizzly bears in Yellowstone are known to prey on bison, which tend to give birth to calves in late April and early May.

Bears and wolves are the only large predators of adult bison in Yellowstone, with dead bison also providing an important source of food for scavengers.


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