The View Hires CNN’s Biggest Trump Hater As New Cast Member


In the least shocking news of the week, the View has hired another Trump basher but this is no ordinary Trump hater. No, she may be the biggest Trump basher in media today, Certainly the most vicious. Of course, she worked at CNN and for Trump’s nemesis Jeb Bush.

Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin, Whoopi, and Abby Huntsman will have a new friend to bash Trump with going forward.

By far the biggest Trump bashing show on daytime television, the View never resists chances to take shots at Trump.

Whether warranted or not, they are the first to bash him from their morning show perch and they are often quite vicious.

GOP strategist and former Jeb Bush staffer turned vicious critic of President Trump’s Ana Navarro is a new cast member for the View and she started today and she has been leading the anti-Trump charge at CNN. Why are we not surprised?

As reported by The Hill: GOP strategist and staunch President Trump critic Ana Navarro will be joining ABC’s “The View” on a full-time basis starting Friday, according to a Friday report tweeted by Navarro.

“Some personal news…stating today, I am happy to be joining the ladies around the table as a Friday co-host on “The View,” Navarro, who also serves as a CNN contributor, tweeted to her more than one million followers.

She once declared that Trump has turned the White House into a “s**thole,” and also called the president “stupid, tone deaf, insensitive and offensive.”


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