Texas Trooper Sues Mexico For $120 Million After Being Shot In Gunfight At Border


A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper stationed in Kaufman County has sued the Mexican police and Mexican government after being shot in a gunfight at the border.

Danny Shaw is alleging the Mexican state officers intentionally shot him and a Customs and Border Protection agent during a gunfight with drug smugglers.

Shaw was given a Purple Heart for his bravery during the border skirmish but he was severely injured.

From Forney.com: Trooper Danny Shaw, of Forney, and his wife, Melissa, are seeking more than $120 million in damages, punitive and economic, and collectively sued The United Mexican States, The Free and Sovereign State of Tamaulipas, and the Tamaulipas State Police of Mexico.

The lawsuit alleges the shooting was “malicious and intentional” and the result of “Mexico’s anti-American” policies and sentiments by Mexican officials.

On November 25, 2016, around noon, the Tamaulipas State Police and three suspected Mexican cartel drug smugglers were involved in a gunfight across the Rio Grande River in Fronton, Texas, in Starr County.

During the gunfight, according to the complaint obtained by inForney.com, the three suspected drug smugglers crossed to the U.S. side of the Rio Grande River.

“A U.S. helicopter in the area established communications with Mexican law enforcement, notifying Mexican police of the United States’ presence during the altercation,” states the complaint.

“While Shaw was covering two U.S. Border Patrol agents, a Border Patrol K9 alerted them to the presence of unidentified Mexican law enforcement officer across the river,” continued the complaint. “At that point, a barrage of gunfire rained down upon Shaw from the direction of the Mexican Officers.

Shaw was struck in the abdomen and transported to a nearby hospital. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent was struck in the chest in his protective vest.

“Test results showed that [Shaw’s] sciatic nerve was damaged by the bullet, causing paralysis and severe nerve pain,” according to the complaint. “Shaw is currently in a full brace, in daily physical pain, and has no feeling in his right leg below the knee.”

The complaint alleges anti-American policies and sentiments by Mexican officials led to the shooting, citing several news articles which depict strained relations between the two countries.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Trooper Danny Shaw Jr., a Forney, Texas, native and Forney High School graduate, was presented a Purple Heart earlier this week.

Shaw was recognized for his actions during a gunfight at the Texas-Mexico border last year in which he was injured, having suffered a gunshot wound to the hip.

The Purple Heart was presented to Shaw on Thursday by the Texas Public Safety Commission (PSC) and DPS Director Steven McCraw.


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