Ted Cruz Lays Waste To Soul Of Democratic Party In Blistering Speech (Video)


Ted Cruz is not happy with the rhetoric from the left so he offered some choice words for them as we head towards another shutdown.

Trump gave Congress three weeks to come to a mutually beneficial deal on border security and you have not been paying attention if you think there will be nothing in it for the wall.

For one, Pelosi is too smart not to give Trump something so both sides can claim a victory. Plus she does not want another shutdown. She knows Trump reopened the government in a good faith gesture and she won’t destroy the next two years over this.

Pelosi knows divided government can accomplish great things but only if both sides act in good faith.

Lastly, as Ted Cruz explains, the Democrats are easily proven as the worst kind of hypocrites on the issue and will peel off if palatable to avoid another costly shutdown.


As Ted reminds America, if a wall is immoral how could these arbiters of morality in America have supported one in the past? Ted said,

“So, let’s go over some of the facts. In the senator from Colorado’s angry speech, he did not dispute, number one, that he and every other Senate Democrat in 2013 voted for 350 miles of border wall.

That’s a fact. He has voted for 350 miles of border wall, as did every other Democrat in this chamber at that time. Number two, he did not dispute that in December of last year, the then-Republican House of Representatives voted to fund the government, to fund the entirety of the government, and to secure the border, and the senator from Colorado and, I believe, every other Democrat, filibustered that bill and caused the shutdown.

…Had we taken up the bill, had we simply passed the bill the House of Representatives had passed funding the government and securing the border, the government would never have shut down.

And so it takes some degree of chutzpah to stand up after filibustering funding for the government, as the Democrats did, and to blame the shutdown on the opposing party. The senator from Colorado did not dispute [that] the Republican House voted to fund the government, and he and his Democratic colleagues filibustered that, which caused the shutdown.

…the senator from Colorado did not dispute that the stated reason the Democrats filibustered that bill is because it authorized the funding of 234 miles of wall. Now, I have to say, Madam President, I find it amusing [that] a new adjective has creeped in.

It’s now not 234 miles of wall, it’s “medieval” wall. I don’t know if there’s something in there that has a moat and has catapults and they’re throwing burning tar — medieval wall now.

It’s kind of an odd thing. It does raise the question: Well, if walls are medieval, why did the senator from Colorado and every other Democrat in 2013 vote for 350 miles of medieval wall? To the extent walls are medieval, they presumably were medieval in 2013 just as much as they are now.

But now, the Democrats, their position — it’s not substantive. They voted for 350 miles of wall, so why are they shutting the government down over 234 miles of wall? It’s not substantive, it’s political. Okay, we get they hate Donald Trump.

If anyone in America had missed that point, that they really really really don’t like this man, their yelling and screaming and bellowing has made that abundantly clear. But just because you hate somebody doesn’t mean you should shut the government down.”


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