Ted Cruz Drops Hammer On Jim Carrey For Attacking Covington Kids


Jim Carrey should stick to his day job. The ex-funnyman has taken a turn to the absurd with his political commentary during the Trump era.

Carrey has devoted his time to taking shots at all things Trump and the GOP with the same misinformed opinions that litter Hollywood.

Debunked ideas never die out in La La land and the more outrageous the better. Take a look at the new tax ideas coming from Ocasio-Cortez and Liz Warren.

Cortez was a marginal top rate of 70% and Warren just announced a wealth tax – 2% on anyone worth $50 Million and 3% on billionaires.

It is a difficult job setting tax rates because we have to encourage investment and risk-taking while making the tax system fair to all.

Jim Carrey, in the Hollywood tradition, never let a debunked story get in the way of an attack on Trump and his supporters as he showed when he went after the Covington kids.

From USA Today:

The actor and artist, 57, depicted elder Nathan Phillips playing his drum while being surrounded by several Kentucky students who mocked, stuck out their tongues and recorded the incident on a phone covered by a patriotic-themed case. 

Carrey’s drawing appears to include 17-year-old student Nicholas Sandmann, who stood face-to-face with Phillips in the viral video, replacing the teen’s red MAGA hat with one that reads “hate again.”

“Baby snakes,” Carrey captioned his sketch on Twitter Wednesday. 

Enter Ted Cruz. From The Washington Examiner:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, came to the defense of the Covington Catholic High School students at the center of a recent episode on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that has triggered sharp criticism of them and even death threats.

Cruz on Thursday strongly took issue with those remarks.

“Just sad. Rich & powerful celebrity uses his fame to pick on teenagers,” Cruz tweeted. “So much partisan hate, he doesn’t care that the full video showed these high school students as victims of harassment, not the other way around,” Cruz continued as he blasted Carrey. “Jim, insult me, insult Trump, fine. But leave the kids alone.”

Initial reports portrayed the Covington students as aggressors in a confrontation with a Native American man. But new footage showed the teens fending off taunts from others present at the Lincoln Memorial.


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