Sotomayor Breaks Silence On Brett Kavanaugh Smear Job And Dianne Feinstein’s Furious


Dianne Feinstein and the rest of the Senate Democrats had the letter from Chrissy Ford way before they tried to pull a last minute miracle via the hit job that fell flat.

The timing was the first thing that made everyone question their tactics as well as their ethics.  That the smear job backfired was never in doubt – the GOP always had the votes.

So why ruin two good people’s names and reputations and make going forward that much harder for them? For a losing political battle? To appease the base?

Justice Sotomayor and the rest of the Supreme Court thankfully are not playing the same ugly partisan nonsense the Democrats do and the entire country is better off for it.

From The Hill: Justice Sonia Sotomayor says her colleagues have welcomed the court’s newest justice Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court “family” after his confirmation process captivated the nation and further exposed its partisan divides.

“When you’re charged with working together for most of the remainder of your life, you have to create a relationship,” Sotomayor told CNN’s “Axe Files” in an interview released Saturday.

“The nine of us are now a family and we’re a family with each of us our own burdens and our own obligations to others, but this is our work family, and it’s just as important as our personal family,” she said.

“We’ve probably spent more time with each other than most justices spend – who have spouses – with their spouses.”

“It was Justice (Clarence) Thomas who tells me that when he first came to the Court, another justice approached him and said, ‘I judge you by what you do here. Welcome.’ And I repeated that story to Justice Kavanaugh when I first greeted him here,” she said.

Thomas was accused of sexual harassment during his Supreme Court confirmation in 1991 and was also narrowly confirmed by the Senate.

“Conservative, liberal, those are political terms,” she said. “Do I suspect that I might be dissenting a bit more? Possibly, but I still have two relatively new colleagues, one very new colleague, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. And we’ve agreed in quite a few cases, we’ve disagreed in a bunch, But you know, let’s see.”


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