Skeleton Crawls From Bill And Hillary’s Closet, Embarrasses Half Of Democratic Party


Bill and Hillary Clinton have so many skeletons in their closet it is a veritable graveyard in there. You literally have no idea what scandal you will uncover when you look into the Clintons.

That they are walking scandals is well known but sometimes, when one of their exceptionally ugly skeletons crawls out of their closets, it embarrasses not just them but all their liberal friends. This is one of those skeletons.

From The American Thinker: The Democrats, who won power in the House based on record campaign spending, sure have a lot of creepy big-dollar donors.

There’s Harvey Weinstein, who demanded sex and massages from the starlets in exchange for movie roles, and then sicced the private detectives on anyone who wanted to talk.

There’s Jeffrey Epstein, who recruited little girls to sex slave rings on his private island, reached through private jet travels to the Dominican Republic.  You wonder why President Bill Clinton would get in the plane with this sort of person.

Now there’s Ed Buck, reportedly a pervert with a “thing” for getting young black male prostitutes high through date-rape drugs and involuntary meth injections, with a second dead body turning up in one of his apartments yesterday. 

The first death a year and a half ago resulted in the cops letting it be called an “accidental” overdose, as gay and lesbian activists argued something worse seemed to be happening.  There certainly were cries that Buck was let off easy because of his $53,000 in political donations to Democrats.

Now there’s this second death.  What a coincidence.  Doesn’t everyone have black male prostitutes turn up dead at their apartments every once in awhile?  Buck claims that the man was his “old friend” and arrived at his house already intoxicated, apparently saying that was what happened with the first one, too. 

But let’s see what the cops find on that one, two deaths amid reports of a weird drug fetish is quite a coincidence.

And guess who takes a lot of money from Ed Buck?  Gavin Newsom.  Kyrsten Sinema.  Jacky Rosen.  Lots of Democrat big names.  And sure enough, wannabe Vishinsky for Trump, Adam Schiff, who took at least $2,600.

They say if you lie down with dogs you get fleas and that seems to apply doubly with the Clinton crew. From Fox News:

Protests erupted Tuesday outside the West Hollywood home of prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck, with activists calling for Buck’s arrest after a man was found dead in the apartment early Monday — 17 months after a deceased male escort was discovered there.

“Arrest Ed Buck, prosecute Ed Buck, and then a jury needs to convict Ed Buck,” activist Jasmyne Cannick said to the crowd gathering outside the California apartment Monday night. “This man has had two dead bodies in his house, and he is still in his house.”

Said another demonstrator: “This man is a danger to our community.”

Neighbors of Buck’s, who were drawn out of their homes as a result of the protest, said they have the same questions as everyone else and have made their own calls to police, according to FOX11.

Attorney Seymour Amster, Buck’s attorney, confirmed the most recent death to Fox News and said the unidentified victim was a “longtime friend” who had known Buck for 25 years. Amster said the victim “reached out for [Buck’s] help” Sunday night and began acting “in a bizarre way” after he arrived at Buck’s apartment.

“As far as we’re concerned, this is an accidental death,” said Amster, who added police had released the scene and Buck was not under arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office also said they are now taking a second look at the death of Gemmel Moore — the male escort whose body was found in Buck’s apartment in July 2017 — in the wake of Monday’s discovery.

Buck, a well-known figure in LGBT political circles, has given more than $500,000 to a range of Democratic groups and candidates — including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.


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