Sherrod Brown Gives Trump Huge Political Gift Heading Into 2020 Campaign


Sherrod Brown just handed President Trump a huge political gift heading into the 2020 presidential campaign.

Brown is one of the few Democrats – actually, he is most likely the only Democrat who can retake the rust belt from Trump.

Brown mirrors many of Trump’s views on trade and other key issues to swing states and many felt he alone could beat Trump from the weak Dem field.

But Sherrod Brown just announced he is not running, which basically cedes the midwest to Trump. If you think Kamala Harris can take the rust belt from Trump you have not been paying attention.

And worse for the Dems, because a Republican is governor of Ohio, Brown will not be the VP pick of whoever does win the primary.

Look, Hillary chose Tim Kaine and not Brown as a running mate because she assumed she would win and thought she could win the Senate too.

So she picked Tim Kaine (because a Dem was governor of Virginia, which means a Dem would pick the person to fill Tim’s Senate seat) rather than Brown who would have helped her win the rust belt and thus the presidency. It was an arrogant political blunder and the Dems are about to repeat it.

From the Toledo Blaze:

After touring early-nominating states as he considered whether to mount a White House bid, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown said he’s decided not to join the crowded field of Democrats seeking the 2020 nomination.

“The best place for me to continue fighting for Ohio and for the dignity of workers across the country — all workers — is to stay in the U.S. Senate,” Mr. Brown said. “You’ve heard me say many times that when you love this country you fight for the people who make it work. I fight best when I bring joy to the battle, and I find that joy fighting for Ohio in the Senate.”

Mr. Brown didn’t cite a specific factor that deterred him from running, such as fund-raising, lack of name recognition in a large field, or a party that seems primed to nominate a diverse or female candidate.

“It’s not fear of any specific opponent. It wasn’t the process. It wasn’t the money. I’ve wrestled with this since talking with my family about it at Christmas,” he told Ohio reporters. “As you all know, I haven’t had a lifetime ambition to run for president. I didn’t even think I’d be running for president a year ago or six months ago.”

Mr. Brown seemed all but certain to run after his appearances in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina — the first four states to hold nominating contests. His “dignity of work” message seemed to resonate with activists in these states, even if he was outshone by higher tier candidates with more name recognition, and encountered some pushback over not wanting to see Medicare-for-all immediately instituted.

Buzzfeed News previously reported that Mr. Brown was identifying hires in the early states and that his family was on board with a campaign. His wife, journalist Connie Schultz, was beside him throughout the tour, often introducing him to crowds in a coffee shop and people’s living rooms.

He said his final decision not to run was made Wednesday.

While Mr. Brown declined to name a candidate he would support, he said he was encouraged that other Democrats were tapping into his pro-worker message. “I think my message is strong enough that other candidates are picking it up,” he said.


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