Secret Service Agents Fondly Remember George HW Bush, Trash Hillary Clinton


After George H.W. Bush passed away the tributes came rushing in. He was a beloved figure who made the hard choices that were right for America, not necessarily right for his political future.

After 8 years of cold war spending that broke the Russians and ended the cold war, Bush decided we needed to raise taxes a bit to offset the cost. It was the right thing to do and really set up the booming economic years under Bill Clinton.

That decision cost him 4 years later and he never blamed nor gloated as the economy, driven by technology and Bush’s wise decisions, boomed after he left office.

In short, he was humble and there is no better example of how he thought than how he treated staff in the White House – the exact opposite of Bill and Hillary.

From Ronald Kessler book on the Secret Service as quoted by The Daily Mail:

Like Ronald Reagan, Bush was so considerate of the agents who protected him that he would stay in town on Christmas Eve so agents could spend it with their families. Then he would fly to Texas the day after Christmas.

‘Bush is a great man, just an all-around nice person,’ an agent said of the former president when he was alive. ‘Both he and Mrs. Bush are very thoughtful, and they think outside their own little world. They think of other people.’

‘Bush understands that politics is politics and friendship is friendship,’ an agent who was on his detail says. ‘He can be friends with a lot of people who may not agree with him. The only things that bothered him were things that were important to the country. Little things just kind of seemed to roll off of him.’

Agents noted the contrast between George H. W. Bush and Al Gore, one of Bush’s successors as vice president. 

Like Hillary Clinton, Gore – who also claimed to be a champion of the ‘little people’-treated agents with disdain and told them he did not want to be bothered greeting them or seeing them.

‘Gore told agents at his home in Carthage, Tennessee, that they should duck behind bushes when they rotated shifts because the Gores didn’t want to see them,’ a former agent says. 

‘I was on the detail one Christmas when Gore was at his home in Carthage,’ former agent Jeff Crane says. ‘Neighbors offered us food on Christmas Day, but the Gores never even bothered to say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Thank you.’

Hillary Clinton, who continues to be protected by the Secret Service as the spouse of a former president, is so nasty to her agents that being assigned to her detail is considered by agents to be a form of punishment and the worst duty assignment in the Secret Service.

Like Bush, President Trump treats his agents with respect and consideration. Sitting on a sofa overlooking the main Mar-a-Lago pool four days before a recent New Year’s Eve party there, I asked Trump how he likes being protected by Secret Service agents.


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