Sebastian Gorka Lands Huge New Job To Fight Pelosi’s Coming Reign Of Terror


Sebastian Gorka just announced the date he will launch his high profile new gig with Salem Radio. In what was the worst kept secret in conservative circles, the best selling author was rumored to be launching his own radio show.

The good news is that is confirmed, the bad news is you have to wait until January 1st to catch the first episode. Gorka will surely keep the pressure on Nancy Pelosi and the newly empowered Democrats.

He will assuredly keep them honest as they relentlessly try to undo all that Trump and his team (Gorka included) have done for this great land.

In other words, Gorka takes protecting his and Trump’s legacy seriously and will fight back hard against the spin that will soon be coming from the left.

From Townhall: Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka is the proud host of a new radio show in the Salem Media Group network. He announced the move and the name of his show, “America First,” on Twitter Thursday. The program will air 3-6 p.m. ET starting on New Year’s Day.

From Business Wire:

“I couldn’t be more pleased to have talent like Sebastian Gorka joining the Salem lineup,” said Salem Media Group’s CEO Edward Atsinger. “He’s a perfect fit. Brilliant, insightful, educated and uniquely experienced. A great addition to the best faculty in Talk Radio.”

Gorka is Fox News Channel’s National Security Strategist and is a regular guest on Hannity and the FOX Business Network. He writes for “The Hill” and is the nationally bestselling author of Why We Fight: Defeating America’s Enemies—With No Apologies (Regnery) and Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War (Regnery). Gorka was an advisor to candidate Donald Trump and served on the staff of the White House in 2017 as Deputy Assistant to the President for Strategy.

“Radio has always been my first love, since I listened to talk radio late at night on a transistor radio as a child,” said Gorka. “America is finally recovering its rightful place as the shining city on a hill after 8 years of liberal self-loathing.” Gorka added, “Salem’s broadcasts are essential to that recovery and I am honored to join Salem’s team, the greatest lineup in talk radio with true patriots like Prager, Gallagher, Hewitt, Elder, and Metaxas.”

“There is a culture war going on in this country, and Dr. Gorka is uniquely qualified to take this fight to talk radio,” said Salem Radio Network Senior Vice President, Phil Boyce. “His program will deal with the hot breaking news stories of each day, and help listeners understand what to make of it.”


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