Sean Hannity Issues Scathing Response To All Those Doubting Trump


President Trump made the correct decision to reopen the government and it wasn’t even close.

Many freshmen Democrats from Trump country indicated they would be open to some wall funding after the government was open.

They have to walk a tightrope with Pelosi and Trump so they are votes that can be peeled from the resistance. Trump has options and the Democrats frankly do not and are just a one-note band at this point.

From The Hill: Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday defended President Trump’s decision to reopen the government without securing money for his border wall, insisting that Trump is still “going to” get money for the wall.

Speaking on his radio show after Trump made the announcement at the White House, Hannity took a wait-and-see approach to news that Trump agreed to a three-week funding deal without money for a border wall.

“Some of you say ‘He didn’t get any money for the wall,’ ” Hannity said on his radio show in a clip first reported by Mediaite. “No he didn’t, but he’s going to.”

From Mediaite:

As Hannity acknowledged the national problems that emerged as a byproduct of the shutdown, he claimed that he heard of backchannel conversations among Democratic congresspeople, asking leadership to say yes to Trump’s offer to deal on DACA dreamers.

The Fox host said those Democrats were instructed to remain silent in public, and that Trump can take the country back into a shutdown if Congress cannot make a deal on border security and immigration reform.

“The left wing media will say its a win,” Hannity said as he laid out his thoughts on what will happen once Trump declares a national emergency.

“This argument has been about ‘what do they want? What has [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] been asking for? Nothing. What is Nancy Pelosi fighting for? Nothing, but they just feeding this cycle bordering on psychosis, pathological hatred of the president.”

Hannity added later: “I think the president also kind of has a heart. He knows that this is tough on a lot of the furloughed workers.”

Trump has already raised the amount the Democrats wanted to put towards border security by a substantial margin.

He will get something towards the wall but he will have to compromise for that is how our systems operates.

The winner will be the American people for without Trump bringing attention to the crisis at the border in such dramatic fashion the left would have done absolutely nothing on this important issue.


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