Rush Limbaugh Knocks Michelle Obama Off High Horse After Netflix Film Flops


Rush Limbaugh took a victory lap after he was proven right about the real popularity of Barack and Michelle Obama after Michelle’s big Netflix show bombed.

Rush said, “Now, much was made about the Obamas and their Netflix deal. Remember that? The swooning was total in the Drive-By Media. The Democrats in the media, everybody said (giddily), “Oh, my God! The Obamas got a — got a production deal at Netflix? Oh, my God! This is so wonderful. The Obamas are gonna be able to propagandize. Aw, this is so great!”

“Michelle Obama Dealt Sobering Blow by Critics After Netflix Flop — Former first lady Michelle Obama’s fans and supporters were excited for the May 6 release of her new Netflix documentary Becoming, expecting it to be as successful as her 2018 book was,” and there’s no denying her book was a success. But do we know why?

We’re being led to believe that people all over the world couldn’t wait to buy it. They couldn’t get enough of it. Some liked it so much they bought multiple copies. So the illusion — manufactured, created, it’s ongoing — is that the Obamas are alone in the pantheon of political popularity, that nobody is even close. And if Michelle Obama ends up on the ticket?

“Oh, my God. It’s over for Trump. Oh, my God! There’s one person Trump can’t beat, and it’s Michelle Obama.” This is the conventional wisdom. Her Netflix documentary — in the middle of a pandemic, when everybody is at home — was a bomb. It was a flop. “Rush, you sound like you’re happy about it flopping.”

No. Folks, don’t misunderstand. I’m not happy that the thing flopped. I’m happy that, once again, a big batch of conventional wisdom has been stood upside down on its head. The conventional wisdom is that you can’t touch the Obamas in popularity and that if she decides to run for president — if they somehow draft her to get rid of Plugs — it’s over.

“She’s so universally loved and adored and so popular, there is no way to win. Trump should just quit. Trump should not even mount a campaign. Trump shouldn’t waste time and waste money, because nobody can beat Michelle Obama.” Isn’t this not one of the things, in various forms, that we have heard? And this documentary, called Becoming… I mean, it was hyped, it was promoted, it was anticipated.

But after the widely anticipated film … was released, critics weren’t exactly raving about it. In fact, some” critics — the people who wanted it to be a slam-dunk, home-run success, “seemed to be pretty disappointed. Prior to its release, the trailer appeared to offer a better inside look into the Obamas than what reviewers got.” In other words, the trailer was something but the actual show itself was a bomb.

“Variety accused the film of presenting the former first lady in a ‘manicured’ fashion.” You see how the Obamas escape? It’s their film! It’s not some director that we don’t know or producer that goofed up. It was the Obamas! You think they had no control over what this was? “Variety accused the film of presenting the former…” I’ll bet the film’s offended.

“Variety accused the film of presenting the former first lady in a ‘manicured’ fashion.” The film didn’t present anything. The Obamas presented themselves — and I’ll guarantee you this. They presented themselves, ’cause they buy their own hype. They’re just like the Clintons. They believe their own press clippings, and so they put this thing together based on what they believe, based on what they were told that their audience — or their voters, supporters, whatever — wanted to see.

And it bombed. Variety says, “There are no big revelations here, no gotcha moments or intimate scenes in which [the] subject lets down her guard, but the target audience hardly expects anything tougher. Far more than the memoir,” i.e., the book, “the film presents a manicured version of the way Michelle Obama sees herself…”

The film does nothing!

Michelle Obama “presents a manicured version.”

You think that she had no say so over what this film was and how it was put together? But since it bombed and since it’s so bad, they have to write reviews of it as though she got screwed, too. A bunch of incompetent people — and “the film” — did a lousy job. “Other critics painted the film as nothing more than a tool to help the Obama family ‘retreat from the global stage.’”

For those of you who didn’t happen to make the top of the program, the Michelle Obama Netflix show called Becoming was a flop, and I don’t mention this ’cause I get thrill out of other people’s failures.

It’s to illustrate a long-held belief that the Obamas are not universally loved and adored. They’re not considered god and goddess by the American people.

Obama endorses candidates, and most of them lose. And yet the Democrats believe that it’s just the exact opposite. And I just want to make sure, you know, keep these people in reality. They’re not deities and they’re not gods even though the Democrats look at the ’em that way.


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