Trump Voters Come Home In Large Numbers Terrifying Jon Tester And Chuck Schumer


Republican Senate nominee Matt Rosendale has just taken a stunning last minute lead over Jon Tester and the trends are bad for Mr. Tester.

Trump has taken a special interest in flipping this seat red and his hard work and dedication seem to have turned the tide.  The race has always been close but Tester has had a lead throughout, although slim.

In Montana, roots run deep and Tester has won many races against wealthy transplants like Rosendale in the past. He usually crushes them with the carpetbagger label.

That is what makes these numbers so shocking – the Dems have history behind them and huge energy and Tester is an incumbent running the exact same race has run and won numerous times… and it is not working.

Even more shocking – these numbers come from a Democratic polling outfit. Worse still is that trends are more important than numbers when looking at these things and the trends in Montana spell doom for any state-wide democrat.

As reported by Breitbart: A Change Research poll released late Sunday evening shows Rosendale, at 49 percent, leading Tester’s 46 percent. Libertarian Rick Breckenridge, who dropped out last week and endorsed Rosendale’s campaign saying a Rosendale win is better for the liberty cause than a Tester win, got three percent in this survey.

Change Research is a Democrat polling firm, so for its final poll of Montana to have Rosendale defeating Tester is a major deal.

The survey also has Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT) ahead of Democrat challenger Kathleen Williams, signaling that the Republicans have locked up another important swing congressional district on their narrow but still possible pathway to holding the House majority.



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