President Trump Breaks Silence On Michael Cohen’s Betrayal In Explosive Interview


Michael Cohen is changing his story again and as usual the media and the Democrats are eating it up. How easy are they to dupe?

Very easy – just look at Barack Obama – he got away with conning them for 8 years and counting.

Michael Cohen has flip-flopped more than John Kerry with Mueller and the New York prosecutors and he is simply trying to save his rear end.

Today Cohen made a deal with Robert Mueller where he testified that Trump was a businessman who was trying to do a deal in Moscow. Yawn…

The media has gone through the roof and is giving the non-story blanket coverage. Enter President Trump:

From The Hill: President Trump on Thursday blasted his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen as a “weak person” for pleading guilty to lying to Congress in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Trump accused Cohen of “lying” in order to get a reduced sentence.

“He’s trying to get a much lesser sentence by making up the story,” he said, adding “everybody knows about this deal.”

Cohen, who served for years as Trump’s personal lawyer, pleaded guilty on Thursday morning to one count of making false statements to Congress related to his testimony about communications with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Cohen said he was untruthful about his involvement in a proposal to build a Trump property in Russia.

From CNBC: President Donald Trump on Thursday accused his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen of “lying” to federal prosecutors about a proposed real estate project in Russia in order to get a reduced sentence for a new guilty plea and for a prior one.

Trump spoke to reporters on the south lawn of the White House about an hour Cohen entered a new guilty plea in federal court in Manhattan to lying to Congress about details of that Trump Tower project in Moscow.

Cohen admitted in that plea to misleading a committee about the extent of Trump’s involving in and knowledge of that project, which never came to fruition.

“He’s a weak person and not a very smart person,” Trump said of Cohen, who had served as his lawyer and fixer for years.

“Michael Cohen is lying,” Trump said. “He’s lying, very simply to get a reduced sentence.”


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