Nick Sandmann To Slap CNN With $250 Million Lawsuit For Defamation


    CNN just got some very bad news from the lawyers representing Nick Sandmann. Sandmann filed a massive lawsuit against the Washington Post and has Jeff Bezos running scared.

    The editors made a weak retraction to their multiple hit piece stories that did not satisfy Sandmann but did show the papers guilty conscience.

    It seems the Washington Post is doing damage control hoping the lawsuit will go away but that is not going to happen.

    Instead, Sandmann will sue CNN next. From The Hill:

    A lawyer representing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann says in a new Fox News interview that Sandmann plans to sue CNN for at least $250 million.

    Lin Wood, the attorney, said in an interview with Fox News host Mark Levin airing Sunday that they will file the suit early next week, on Monday or Tuesday.

    “CNN was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on Nicholas than The Washington Post. And CNN goes into millions of individuals’ homes, it’s broadcast into their homes,” Wood told Levin.

    “They really went after Nicholas with the idea that he was part of a mob that was attacking the Black Hebrew Israelites, yelling racist slurs at the Black Hebrew Israelites,” Wood continued. “Totally false, saying things like that that Nicholas was part of a group that was threatening the Black Hebrew Israelites, that they thought it was going to be a lynching.”

    “Now you say you’ve seen the tape, if you took the time to look at the full context of what happened that day, Nicholas Sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong. He was as I’ve said to others, he was the only adult in the room. But you have a situation where CNN couldn’t resist the idea that here’s a guy with a young boy, that ‘Make America Great Again’ cap on. So they go after him,” he added.

    “They were after him and I said they woke up on Saturday morning and started throwing punches. The CNN folks were online on Twitter at 7:00 a.m. retweeting the little one minute propaganda piece that had been put out by [political activist group] 2025.

    We’ll find out who that person or entity was behind that eventually. But they’re out there right away going after this young boy. And they maintain it for at least two days.”

    “Why didn’t they stop and just take an hour and look through the internet and find the truth and then report it? Maybe do that before you report the lies. They didn’t do it. They were vicious.

    It was false. CNN will be sued next week and the dollar figure in the CNN case may be higher than it was in the Washington Post.”


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