Nancy Pelosi Humiliated By Democrats


President Trump really, really wants Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House again. She just took the first step and officially launched her bid to become Speaker via a letter to newly elected and incumbent Democrats asking for their votes.

Pelosi raises a lot of money and she knows how to wield that around for maximum effect. “My vision for the next two years is to restore the House to the role it should have as a strong and independent voice for the American people, and maximize the ability and the creativity of our entire Caucus,” Pelosi wrote. 

“In that spirit, I am writing to respectfully request your support for Speaker, and do so with confidence and humility. Thank you for consideration.”

Humility and Pelosi are rarely if ever used in the same breath so we will give her points for originality. She has power and uses it like the old school, backroom political brawler she is. But that comes with a price and while Trump has given her grudging respect, the rest of the Democrats, either out of fear or loathing, just humiliated her in a new poll.

From The Washington Examiner: A majority of Democrats do not want Nancy Pelosi to lead the party as House speaker during the next Congress, a new poll shows.  More than half of the Democratic or Democratic-leaning likely voters surveyed by Gallup before the 2018 midterm elections said they would prefer to see Pelosi replaced as the party’s leader in the House, compared with about one-third who would like to see her stay at the helm of the caucus.

That breakdown remained roughly the same when respondents along the political spectrum — from self-identified moderate Democrats to more progressive liberals — were asked for their opinions.

From Gallup: Before the Democratic Party’s wins in Tuesday’s elections, which gave them majority control in the House of Representatives, U.S. Democrats said they would prefer to have a new leader in Congress. By 56% to 39%, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents said Nancy Pelosi should be replaced as their leader in the House rather than kept in that role by being elected the next speaker. These views are similar among Democrats across the ideological spectrum.

The question was posed to Democrats in Gallup’s Oct. 15-28 poll, conducted before the party won back control of the House of Representatives in the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

Despite their lack of support for Pelosi as speaker, Democrats’ opinions of Pelosi are more positive than negative. In Gallup’s most recent update, from June, 48% said they have a favorable opinion of her and 31% an unfavorable one. Those figures indicate that some Democrats who have a positive opinion of Pelosi may nevertheless want her to be replaced as the party’s leader.


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