Melania Trump Hits Back At Media Critics, Turns Tables And Silences Them With Grace And Wisdom


Speaking at the Family Online Safety Institute’s annual conference, First Lady Melania Trump took on her critics in the media with elegance and class.

The media has bashed Melania almost nonstop since Trump was elected and she has always stayed above the fray and never got down into the gutter with her critics.

One particularly vicious attack has been aimed at Melania’s signature effort to fight bullying. Something we need in this great country.

She called it “Be Best campaign and the media has been relentless in attacking it and her.

“It is not news, or surprising to me, that critics in the media have chosen to ridicule me for speaking out on this issue, and that’s okay,” said Melania.

“I remain committed to tackling this topic, because it will provide a better world for our children,” added the First Lady.

“And I hope that like I do, you will consider using their negative words as motivation to do all you can to bring awareness and understanding about responsible online behavior.”

Melania seems to have reached her limit with the nonsense in DC and has been more assertive of late. Earlier in the week, she called for the firing of a top national security aide and you better believe Melania got what she wanted. It is never a good idea to take on the First Lady.

From Bloomberg:

Ricardel, Bolton’s top deputy, clashed with the first lady’s staff after threatening to withhold National Security Council resources during Melania Trump’s trip to Africa last month unless Ricardel or another NSC official was included in her entourage, one person familiar with the matter said.

An NSC spokesman, Garrett Marquis, and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t respond to requests for comment on Grisham’s statement. Ricardel couldn’t be reached.

Bolton hired Ricardel in April from the Commerce Department. She previously worked in the Defense Department under President George W. Bush.

While Bolton likes her, according to Trump administration officials, Ricardel is widely disliked among other White House staff. She’s regarded as inflexible and obsessed with process, which some officials complain has complicated coordination between the NSC and cabinet agencies.


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