Megyn Kelly Discovers Name of Epstein’s ABC Leaker, Goes Public In Comeback Interview


Megyn Kelly is back – this one has more than nine lives. After leaving Fox News awkwardly she was quickly kicked to the sideline by her new network NBC.

To say they did not like her arrogant me-first attitude is an understatement and she left with her head held low but with a fat severance check.

But Megyn wants back in so he has a new youtube channel to make her case and she just scored her first major get.

And make no mistake this is a bit of revenge for Megyn.

She has promised to harass media executives about metoo as she faced some of that behavior, but mostly for revenge for an industry that scorned her.

She can’t get a job anywhere so what better way to get back at them by airing their dirty laundry? Quite ruthless.

From The Daily Mail:

The producer who was fired for ‘leaking’ ABC News anchor Amy Robach’s hot mic revelation that the network killed off her Jeffrey Epstein sex slave story is revealed in Megyn Kelly’s comeback interview.

And can reveal the staffer is Ashley Bianco, 25, an Emmy-winning producer for CBS This Morning, who contacted the former Fox News star directly in order to have her voice heard, a source said.

Bianco attended Emory University and worked as a producer on Good Morning America at ABC for three years, according to public records and social media. Robach co-anchors the morning show.

Bianco was fired from CBS on Thursday after the network was informed by her old employer ABC that she had ‘leaked’ the footage of Robach ranting about ABC shutting down her Epstein story out of concern of pushback from the British royal family.

When contacted for comment, Bianco hung up on Following her firing, Bianco has removed her social media.

Kelly teased the interview on Twitter on Friday, writing: ‘I just joined Instagram – have a feeling you’ll be interested in my first post – coming Friday morning. Pls follow me there at: @therealmegynkelly. Have some news coming your way…’, incorrectly writing her Instagram handle, which is just @megynkelly.

The interview will be Kelly’s first step in making her comeback since she parted ways with NBC where she had signed a $69 million deal.


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