Marco Rubio Discovers Massive Scandal In Florida Vote Count, Goes Public


What in the hell is going on in Florida? Same state, same counties even, worse problems. Why is it that only the heavily Democratic counties can’t figure out how to count the vote? Remember that next time the left screams voter fraud – these are Democrats bungling a simple vote count.

Broward County specifically is a debacle of epic proportions – Florida is such an important swing state do we need some federal supervision down there to get this stuff right?

Just another example of the left running things into the ground, just a disgrace. Enter Marco Rubio. From The Daily Wire:

On Thursday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio sounded the alarm over potential voting law violations in Broward County and Palm Beach County, two “Democrat strongholds” in Florida, which were still counting early voting and vote-by-mail ballots two days after the election, despite Florida law requiring counties to report within 30 minutes of the polls closing. He has since provided evidence of problematic handling of ballots, particularly in Broward County, that point to potential violations of voting laws and alarming incompetence.

 Florida’s two biggest contests, the gubernatorial race between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum and the senatorial race between Republican Rick Scott and incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson, have now gone into recounts, with both Republicans holding narrow leads. But two days after the election, Broward and Palm Beach were “still counting & refusing to disclose how many ballots they have left to count,” Rubio noted.

Rubio added: Not very comforting to #Florida voters that #BrowardCounty supervisor,in whose hands may rest outcome of Senate & cabinet race has in the past:

  1. Illegally destroyed ballots
  2. Secretly opened mail ballots
  3. Sent voters too many ballot pages
  4. Left const question off ballot


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