Lou Dobbs Trashes Treasonous GOP For Betraying Trump (Video)


The bottom line is many made huge fortunes off cheap labor from China, Mexico, and other places.

Many of those people are Senators and lobbyists and corporate executives who donate handsomely to both parties.

When America finally gets a president who will stand up to these forces – to be clear it is not China’s or Mexico’s fault our leaders are greedy and shortsighted and literally sold us out – who fights him hardest?

Trump doesn’t blame them, he blames the swamp. So while Trump is putting maximum pressure on and it is working (we already see Mexico doing more and China too) what does the GOP do? Try to undermine his efforts. Enter Lou Dobbs.

From The Daily Beast: Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs tore into Senate Republicans Tuesday night for opposing President Trump’s plans to impose tariffs on Mexico, calling the GOP lawmakers “traitors” to their country who are threatening to destroy it.

“The Republican Party in the Senate appears, to me, to be on the verge of committing absolute suicide,” the Trump-boosting conservative host exclaimed, just hours after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) acknowledged that there’s “not much support” in the GOP caucus for the president’s tariffs, which many believe will only hurt U.S. businesses.

“The tragedy is they may well take this great Republic down with them,” he said.

Still seething towards the end of the program, Dobbs brought on Fox News contributor Emily Compagno to discuss the Republicans’ warning to Trump.

“This is, I think, one of the darkest moments that I have seen in our capital for a long time,” he declared. “This is an abject betrayal on the part of Mitch McConnell.”

Blasting the GOP Senate leadership, Dobbs insisted it was “an absolute shame” that Trump had to “put up with such Lilliputians.”

“They’re telling every American who voted for this president, ‘Go to hell!’”

Showing a video clip of McConnell and other GOP leaders, Dobbs said, “They are reprehensible in what they’re doing.”

“Their families have to understand what traitors they are to their conference, to their party, and to their country,” he bellowed. “And this president! I think it couldn’t be clearer.”

 “This is a crisis of conscience, of soul for the country,” the Fox host snarled. “And if these, these haggard, tired leaders of the Republican Party on Capitol Hill sell out this president, it’s going to be, it is going to be a terrible day in America.”


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