Kayleigh McEnany Wipes Smirk Off Jim Acosta’s Face, Throws Media Hypocrisy Right back At CNN Reporter


Kayleigh McEnany shut down another rude question from Jim Acosta the CNN reporter who always has to make it about him.

McEnany is not even pretending to play Acosta’s games, she just exposes his hypocrisy and moves on. It sure is something to see.

“Will the president or the White House take responsibility if people get sick at catch the coronavirus at this rally?” CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked.

“CDC guidelines are recommended, but not required,” McEnany said.

“CDC guidelines also suggest practicing social distancing,” Acosta said.

“They’re not going to be able to practice social distancing at a rally with thousands of people.”

“It’s the personal choice of individuals as to what to do, but if we want to talk about internal coherence, I believe that the media needs to work on internal coherence.”

McEnany held up a New York Post front page that read: “SICK HYPOCRISY” and bashed the media for the double standard between protests and lockdowns.

“It’s really remarkable, and I think the American people have taken notice,” she added shutting down Jim and the rest of the media.


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