Judge Pirro Rips Barack Obama And Biden For Leaving Trump Mess To Clean Up: “Shame on Obama and Biden”


Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped into Barack Obama and Joe Biden for leaving the untenable DACA situation for Trump to clean up.

She said it was an illegal move by Obama to even use an executive order on DACA and says Trump wants to make a deal for DACA but cannot get the other side to the table.

The other side of course is not just the Dems, many inside the GOP while sympathizing with the Dreamers are against a deal that would grant amnesty.

From Fox News:

Judge Jeanine Pirro on Friday argued that President Trump has attempted to resolve the DACA issue several times, but the Supreme Court has gotten involved in a case that should have been addressed by the legislative branch.

“Shame on Obama and Biden for setting up an untenable situation where this is never resolved,” Pirro told “Fox & Friends.”

Pirro said that the Supreme Court case decision on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was a “shocker.”

“Chief Justice Roberts, who is now aligning himself with the left-wing of the court, basically says, ‘You know, you didn’t get the procedure right.’

Although, what Obama did was not right, either. It appears that the court is getting involved in situations that are not only better left to Congress, but they are allowing themselves to become a political force right before an election,” Pirro said…

…Pirro said that just as Obama illegally bypassed Congress to issue an executive order on DACA, Trump’s executive order should have been allowed as well.

“What Obama did was then taken down and Congress would have had the obligation to deal with it,” Pirro said.

Pirro said Trump believes “Dreamers” should stay because some are accomplished and educated.

“But he wants a deal, [and] Congress doesn’t want to commit to any kind of a deal,” Pirro said.

“What has happened is we’ve got all of this playing out in the Supreme Court instead of Congress,” she concluded.


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