Joy Behar Snaps At Audience For Clapping And Agreeing With Don Jr: “This is Not A MAGA Rally”


Don Trump Jr went into the lion’s den came out the champion. Look, many doubted why he would put himself through the grilling on the notoriously anti-Trump show.

But he was more than up for the task. He countered every attack they made on Him and his father. He hit back with devastating arguments bring up Joy and Whoopi’s transgression to private that not everyone is perfect and people make mistakes for god sake.

Joy and Whoopi were flustered from the start because to their horror, the crowd agreed with Don Trump Jr as much as it did with Joy.

Joy was not expecting that and at one time after Don Jr shut her down and the audience erupted she snapped at her own audience – this is not a MAGA rally.

He also staunchly defended his father form various attacks from all sides today. He more than held his own and at certain times actually silenced Joy and Whoopi.

At one point Whoopi was arrogantly bashing POTUS and basically calling him low character with an all-knowing smirk on her face.

Don Trump Jr, quick on his feet, immediately and literally wiped the smirk off her face with

“You defended Roman Polanski. “It wasn’t rape, rape when he raped a child.”


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