Joy Behar Attacks Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas: ‘Should hang his head in shame”


Joy Behar went off the deep end and launched an unprovoked attack on Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas.

She called Brett, a Supreme Court Judge who she disagreed with on a LGBT case the left won, a lost case or cause (it is hard to tell from the video below) and seemed to say he should be ashamed of himself as Thomas should be for their dissent on the LGBT case.

“I was shocked, and I say bravo Neil Gorsuch, and there’s hope for America,” Joy started.

“I feel much better today about the whole situation. You know, what a disappointment this must be for the Trump base.”

“I mean, they overlooked Stormy Daniels.”

“They overlooked the ‘grab them by the genitals’ remark.”

“They overlooked making fun of the handicapped. They overlooked locking children up all for the Supreme Court. This is the thanks they get.”

“Alito and Kavanaugh and particularly Judge Thomas should hang his head in shame,” Joy added.

“This is a man who is, in fact, married to a Caucasian woman, which was illegal until 1967 when the Supreme Court voted in favor of Loving v. Virginia.”

“They voted for integrated marriage in 1967.”

“That was, again, decided by the Supreme Court, which is where he sits. So, he should know better. The other two are lost cases.”


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