Joy Behar And Jimmy Kimmel Get Bad News From Disney Over Blackface Scandals


Disney CEO Bob Iger just responded to the blackface scandals that have rocked some of the company’s leading television personalities.

Specifically, Joy Behar and Jimmy Kimmel, who face serious liberal heat for wearing blackface in their pasts. Truth be told, we are moving our society to a dangerous place where old jokes become new scandals – this is mainly a dem problem because they have simply lost their sense of humor.

Now, Iger does not say what action he has taken against his two starts, but in today’s liberal climate of punishing everything they don’t believe in, one can assume it was not a small action.

From The Hill: Disney CEO Bob Iger says he dealt privately with ABC hosts Joy Behar and Jimmy Kimmel for dressing in blackface in the past, adding that the company does not condone such behavior.

“This particular incident we choose to deal with as a private matter,” Iger said to National Center for Public Policy Research’s Justin Danhof when asked about the controversy at a shareholders meeting in St. Louis on Thursday.

“We don’t condone the use of blackface under any circumstance in our world today,” he added. “We dealt with the incidences privately. We did not feel it required any particular comment.”

Kimmel once dressed in blackface while doing an imitation of former NBA star Karl Malone while on “The Man Show” on Comedy Central in 2004. Comedy Central is not owned by Disney, but by Viacom. Kimmel joined ABC later that year to host his own show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Last month, a photograph from the 1970s resurfaced of Behar in blackface. Behar joined ABC to co-host “The View” in the late 1990s.

Disney is the parent company of ABC.

Iger added that Kimmel and Behar were dealt with “swiftly.” He did not elaborate on what punishment, if any, was leveled on the two hosts.

From Fox News:

Behar was questioned after a 2016 clip of “The View” emerged showing the co-host showcasing a photo of herself dressed as “a beautiful African queen” at a Halloween party when she was 29.

Iger made the comments after a Disney shareholder stood up to say he was “puzzled” by how Disney, which owns ABC, did not condemn the comedians.

The shareholder, Justin Danhof of conservative think tank National Center for Public Policy Research, said Disney’s silence reeked of “hypocrisy” given criticism ABC personalities, including Behar, have lobbed at other people entangled in blackface controversies, including former NBC host Megyn Kelly.

Reached by The Post, Danhof said he’s still waiting for an answer to his question.

“They are handling the issue privately? What does that even mean? Did they have their pay docked? Were they suspended?” he said. “Bob Iger is the most powerful man in Hollywood. I just wanted to know what the standards were.”


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