Joe Lieberman Knocks Ilhan Omar Off High Horse With Blistering Rebuke (Video)


Former Connecticut Senator and 2000 Vice Presidential nominee for the Democrats Joe Lieberman is back to remind the left what is at stake in the battle over Ilhan Omar.

Omar is driving a wedge right through the heart of the Democratic party and if the left is not careful it may be their undoing.

They have already had a dismal few years – even under Obama they saw historic electoral losses – but if they capitulate to Omar and her ilk it may be the final nail in the coffin of the Democratic party – at least according to Lieberman.

Appearing with Charles Payne of Fox Joe said,

“The first thing is that words matter and when people say words that are bias, bigoted and hurtful to another group of people, another group of Americans, they have to be condemned quickly or else it takes hold. I am not only thinking about anti-Semitism I’m thinking about racism, I’m thinking about any kind of bigotry toward any religious group or any other group.

I think this is a time of testing for the House of Representatives. And if I may, it’s really a moral test about how clearly they will speak out, in this case against what Congresswoman Omar said, which was clearly anti-Semitic…

I think it is very important for the House to act and act directly. It sounds like the resolution that they are drafting now which was originally against anti-Semitism all though clearly it was engendered by what Congressman Omar had said is being broadened to be a statement against anti-Muslim bias. Of course, we should make that statement but I think the House could do better.

If it was up to me I would say put out a foundational resolution condemning all bigotry and particularly saying if members of the House of Representatives, elected members of Congress get involved in that kind of bigotry they will be specifically condemned by their colleagues who won’t tolerate it.

And then pass along another resolution if they want specifically condemning and criticizing Congresswoman Omar for her anti-Semitic comments. That`s the best way to deter the next member of Congress of either party that says something that`s racist or homophobic or anti any religious group…

Incidentally, Congresswoman Omar`s statements clearly do not represent the thinking of most anybody else in office in the Democratic Party.

But if they start to mumble in response to her specific and clear anti-Semitic statement, then the party itself is going to be held more broadly accountable for having similar feelings, which I know they don’t.

So, again, I say this is a moment of testing, moral testing. Speak clearly about it. Make clear to the congresswoman that she went over the line, it`s unacceptable. And you make clear to the next person who is thinking about expressing some other kind of bigotry that it`s not going to be tolerated.”


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