Jimmy Kimmel Tries To Apologize To Pence, Slanders Trump Supporters and Mocks Melania Instead


Jimmy Kimmel disgraced himself with a slanderous attack on Trump supporters rather than take it like a man and apologize to Vice President Pence.

The left wants to have it both ways and they learn every time they cannot. Look, do you see Trump apologizing? No. Why? Because he knows this is all a game and while it can be uncomfortable he won’t budge because none of it is real.

A Twitter feud is not real and that is why the media will help elect Trump again. They just can’t quit him. Trump plays them like a fiddle.

And that is why it is disgraceful when guys like Jimmy Kimmel cross the line and go after Trump supporters and call them MAGA hats and take cheap shots at Melania.

Look, Trump has ripped the curtain down and we see Kimmel and the rest as weak men behind it trying to play us for suckers.

But the mirage is gone, the truth is out and the rust belt has left the Dem Party and will not return anytime soon.

From Fox News:

Jimmy Kimmel delivered another half-hearted apology to Vice President Mike Pence on Monday night, then ended it with a rant against President Donald Trump, escalating their recent Twitter feud.

Kimmel’s online debate against the Vice President and Trump began on Thursday when the late-night host aired an edited clip of Pence delivering “empty boxes of PPE” to a hospital. Kimmel later removed the video from his Twitter feed along with a backhanded apology upon recognizing the clip was just one small portion of a CPSAN video that confirmed Pence was joking.

The drama escalated on Mother’s Day, when Trump bashed the host on Twitter for the error, calling it “fake news” from his “last place” talk show. Kimmel responded, telling him to “Go make Melania brunch.”

“Apologizing to the Trump administration for spreading untruth is like apologizing for Barry Bonds for using steroids,” Kimmel quipped in his Monday monologue. “It’s hard. But the outrage from the MAGA hats, the outpouring of venom, was disgusting.”

Kimmel said “lunatics” wished death upon himself, his wife and son, filled with “hateful sometimes violent” posts in response to his airing of the edited clip. This occurred on what Kimmel said was “the strangest Mother’s Day ever” given his Twitter feud with the president.


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