Illegal Immigrants Hop Fence At Pelosi’s Lavish Mansion, Demand To Be Let Inside House


Most people are unaware that Nancy Pelosi is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, but it is true.

She comes from a long line of machine Democrats and married a wealthy San Francisco investor.

She even has one of the must-have toys of the super-rich – a Napa Valley winery. It is here, at this winery, where activist Laura Loomer embarrassed Nancy Pelosi.

From The Daily Caller:

Right-wing activists stormed the security wall surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California mansion and demanded access into the building Monday.

The group was led by Laura Loomer, an activist who has been at the center of many stunts, including interrupting congressional hearings and chaining herself to the doors of Twitter’s New York offices.

Loomer was joined by a small group of alleged illegal immigrants from Guatemala. Loomer and her accomplices carried a large banner with the faces of notable Americans who have been killed by illegal immigrant crime over the recent years attached to its surface.

During one part of the video, Loomer could be seen marching to the door of Pelosi’s mansion, demanding she be let in to make a “sandwich” with the other illegal aliens. Loomer found the door to be locked and complained that it was “hypocritical” of Pelosi to not have “open doors and borders” to her own property.

See the full video here.


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