Ilhan Omar Trashes Sarah Palin


Ilhan Omar just can’t get out of her own way. She is under attack for anti-Semitic comments that threaten to rip the Democrats apart.

Pelosi had to hold a vote to publicly rebuke Omar from the House floor, without naming her, a vote that passed easily.

And in an act of political tone-deafness, Omar just trashed Sarah Palin and John McCain.

From Fox News: U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., was apparently unmoved Thursday by Meghan McCain’s tearful remarks about her on “The View.”

McCain had become emotional during the ABC talk show, discussing Omar’s recent criticisms of Israel and its supporters. She said Omar’s remarks were hurtful to many of her Jewish friends.

“It is very dangerous, very dangerous,” McCain added, “and I think we collectively as Americans on both sides, what Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me. It’s very scary to a lot of people and I don’t think you have to be Jewish to recognize that.”

But instead of responding directly to McCain, Omar retweeted a post that criticized McCain for “faux outrage” and referred to past statements attributed to McCain’s late father, U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who died last August at age 81.

“Meghan’s late father literally sang ‘bomb bomb bomb Iran’ and insisted on referring to his Vietnamese captors as ‘g–ks’,” read the post by Medhi Hasan, an “Intercept” columnist and Al Jazeera host. “He also, lest we forget, gave the world Sarah Palin. So a little less faux outrage over a former-refugee-turned-freshman-representative pls.”

From The New York Post:

McCain later choked up when she mentioned former Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman and his wife, Hadassah, who is an Orthodox Jew, calling the couple her “family.”

“On both sides it should be called out,” she said about hate crimes in the US.

“And just because I don’t technically have Jewish family that are blood-related to me doesn’t mean that I don’t take this as seriously, and it is very dangerous, very dangerous. … What Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me,” she said.

 “And it’s very scary to a lot of people, and I don’t think you have to be Jewish to recognize that.”

This is what Omar retweeted:


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