Hollywood Legend Rips Women’s March’s Leaders Who Trashed White Women for Voting GOP


Hollywood and the Democratic party are still licking their wounds after another epic election failure. Yes, they won the House but considering the smear jobs on Trump and the political climate the Dems should have won the Senate too.

They know it and the television appearances where they insist they won are just spin. If they could not beat Trump across the board now, they won’t in 2020.

Look, the Democrats had historic turnout and still fell short because the GOP always gets out its voters.

The GOP can consistently count on a certain number of voters showing up every time and the left has to hope and pray they can turnout who they need. To deal with their math problem, the left lashes out and blames and after losing Tuesday they blamed white women who stayed with Trump and the GOP.

Enter Hollywood legend (Everybody Loves Raymond) and staunch conservative Patricia Heaton. She wasn’t having any of there nonsesnse. From The Washington Times:

Award-winning actress and outspoken conservative Patricia Heaton slammed a tweet by the progressive Women’s March on Wednesday that shamed white women for purportedly thwarting their chances of a blue wave in the midterm elections.

“There needs to be accountability and an honest reckoning,” the Women’s March declared. “There’s a lot of work to do, white women. A lot of learning. A lot of growing. We want to do it with you. Stay tuned.”

The comments were in response to a derogatory tweet by Above the Law editor Elie Mystal, complaining about white women voting for Republicans Brian Kemp, Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis during the election Tuesday.

Heaton hit back: “I know this is hard for you to grasp, but women of all kinds who are pro-science and anti-violence don’t believe that ending the life of your developing son or daughter in your womb is liberating or progressive. It’s tyrannical and barbaric.”


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