Hollywood Comedian Michelle Wolf Attacks Trump, Sarah, Biden, CNN, and USA In Sexually Graphic Rant


Disgraced comedian Michelle Wolf – the one who viciously attacked Sarah Sanders at the big press dinner is back and worse than ever.

In a sexually graphic op-ed she wrote for the Daily Beast, Michelle gets nasty early and often and attacks everyone from Trump to CNN to Joe Biden.

First, she denied doing anything wrong when she attacked Sarah Sanders and then got nasty.

“So who’s been blowing Trump? Providing him sweet, sweet oral satisfaction? It’s The New York Times, it’s MSNBC, it’s CNN, it’s The Hill, it’s CBS, it’s definitely Fox News,” Michelle wrote.

“It’s all of these media organizations and blogs and websites and books. It’s all the contributors who go on those shows and make money for every temper tantrum they throw.”

“They’re all satisfying Trump, and then wiping their mouths with the money they made. And it’s also YOU.”

“It’s you who’s reading this right now and watching all those shows because you can’t wait to hear how bad Trump is every single day, like an ex who you can’t get over. You’re not #resist, you’re #obsessed.”

She continued: “Am I happy that the Correspondents’ Dinner has a comedian this year? No. The event shouldn’t exist. Why did I do the Correspondents’ Dinner if I’m so opposed to it? So I could do exactly what I did: call the media and the politicians out on their bullshit directly to their face.

Whatever this year’s host tries to do, I’m sure it will include some jabs at Trump and his administration that one side of the news will label as “savage” and “eviscerating” and the other side will say is “offensive.”

“And if the dinner was hosted by a pro-Trump comic, they’d swap headlines quicker than spit at an orgy. (Don’t get fake offended at that. We all know DC has more dirt in it than the folds in Mitch McConnell’s neck—that is a joke about looks.)”

But the real problem is that there are sides. The news should not have sides. It should not be entertaining. It should not be on 24 hours a day.”

“The news should be a dry reading of events and facts. It should be a presentation of information, and that is it. It shouldn’t be “breaking” with the same story and no new information hour after hour. It shouldn’t have a panel of four of the loudest contributors where their only qualification appears to be that they can put—and keep on—a shirt. It shouldn’t have opinions or takes or, even worse, fake pearl-clutching in order to maintain their access.”

Side note: I wrote this before the virus when the dinner was still scheduled for this weekend. I think that was somewhere between two months and 10 years ago. It’s been rescheduled for August or whenever it’s deemed safe to breathe huffs of indignation on each other.

But based on the media’s coverage of the virus, the administration, and what’s going on in general, I’m positive I’m still being too nice.

The news’ ratings have spiked the way you said deaths from COVID would. Somewhere in your 24-hour cycle of fearmongering and that charming death ticker, I’m sure there’s good factual information.

It’s just hard to find crammed between propaganda press briefings and all your opinions about it. It’s like trying to find a woman’s back Joe Biden refuses to massage. The media is doing us an unforgivable disservice. You’re blowing Trump and talking at the same time. And didn’t your mother ever tell you: it’s rude to talk with your mouth full,” she said.


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