Hillary Clinton Gets Publicly Embarrassed, Accused of Plagiarizing Trump Eclipse Joke That Went Viral


Hillary Clinton finally, after three years of trying, landed a good comeback on Trump. Hillary was overmatched from the start in the battle of wits versus Trump and many even felt sorry for her at the end.

Trump crushed her in the debates – she thinks she won because she gave more wonky answers but the average voter gets lost when you go deep in the policy weeds.

Trump (and Obama) knew this and just kept it simple. Trump also has a razor-sharp wit and is a world-class improviser.

Trump is funny – even liberals will admit it if you make them, and people like funny. Hillary simply didn’t have “it.”

And neither does Joe Biden. Did you see his TV blitz to try to stay relevant? Disaster. Neither Hillary nor Biden have the personality to capture and inspire America.

That is why when Hillary finally landed a funny dig at Trump it went viral fast – no one ever saw Hillary show that kind of humor before.

People were shocked. Turns out the joke is on Hillary because now she is being credibly accused of stealing the joke from Bill Maher.

From Breitbart:

On Monday, the two-time presidential whiffer tweeted, “Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse.”

The joke obviously refers to Donald Trump and that fake news moment of 2017 when the corrupt media claimed the president looked directly into the sun during an eclipse.

Even the far-left Boston Globe was forced to concede that “videos showed that Trump wasn’t as cavalier as the still images made it seem: He looked up for a brief moment with his naked eyes beforehand in what appeared to be a joking manner before putting on his glasses.”

Anyway, regardless of the truth, a meme was born, which Bill Maher took advantage of a couple weeks ago, with this joke….

“Trump said he had a hunch that the virus wasn’t as bad as the World Health Organization says,” Maher tweeted on March 7. “So on the one side, you have the World Health Organization. On the other side, you have a guy who stared at an eclipse…

… As of this writing, Hillary’s plagiarism has been retweeted over 320,000 times and “liked” 1.4 million times.

And this is joke stealing. Hillary might not have worded the joke in the exact same way Maher did, but the set-up and punch-line are exactly the same. That’s called joke theft.

For instance, a number of people have responded to Hillary’s tweet with jokes about how it would also not be a good idea to “take medical advice from someone who can’t find Wisconsin on a map.” This refers to the fact that during the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary assumed she had the state of Wisconsin in the bag, didn’t hold one event there, and lost it to Trump.

Someone could easily reword that joke in any number of ways; it’s still plagiarism if the set-up and punch line are the same: i.e., You were too dumb to visit Wisconsin!


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