Federal Judge Hands Trump Huge Win Over California In Landmark Case


The state of California has been gripped by anti-Trump hysteria since the historic day Hillary’s Clinton’s dream died. It was ugly – all those Hillary supporters open-mouthed, jaws on the floor, tears in their eyes as the elections results came in.

It was a historic win and those images of the crushed Hillary supporters will be forever famous in American history. But some never got over the loss and a lot of them live in California.

Hollywood has used its considerable cultural muscle to attack Trump and try to stop his agenda while Jerry Brown used the courts to do the same. It was a good move for a minute as the courts stalled or outright blocked some of Trump’s early orders but those have been overturned in short order.

But now even that brief respite from reality is gone for the left after a federal judge just handed Trump a huge win over California in a landmark case. From Politico:

The Trump administration scored a legal victory on Thursday when a federal judge in California blocked a state law that sought to limit the transfer of federal lands.

The California legislature passed Senate Bill 50, which would give the California State Lands Commission the first right of refusal over government proposals to sell federal land, in 2017. Environmentalists encouraged its adoption to allay fears that the Trump administration would sell large swaths of federal land to be used for drilling, mining or real estate development.

But the Justice Department sued the state in April, with federal officials claiming that the law already slowed down a number of planned transfers.

In its ruling handed down Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California, Judge William Shubb said the California law violated the Constitution because it interferes with the federal government’s right to regulate the sale of federal property.


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