Eric Holder May Join Race To Save Dems From Total Collapse Against Trump In 2020


Eric Holder, the man who served and protected Barack Obama as much as he did America is back.

He has been flirting with running for the Dem nomination for some time but will not pull the trigger.

But after sitting back and watching a bad dem field get worse by the day, he has no choice. Literally, you have Liz Warren demanding taxpayers pay for transgender surgery for inmates and Beto wanting to storm millions of bastilles and try to take away guns.

Then to the absolute horror of every American, they want to dismantle the health care system. Look, Obamacare was not as bad the critics suggested nor it is this perfect system as some promoted.

Saving pre-existing conditions and expanding are popular – Kentucky just went blue because the GOP governor threatened to yank the Obamacare Medicaid expansion – 8 years ago these same Kentuckians started the tea party movement against that and other bailout programs.

That is how much public opinion has shifted, so rather than fix it, which could get bipartisan support at some time, the Dems want to start over?

That is why you see Hillary and Bloomberg getting ready to enter the race – the Dems are blowing it and Biden is not the guy.

Nor is Eric holder. But at least he is better Bernie who has zero chance of winning.

From Breitbart:

Holder did very publicly flirt with running in 2020 before, even making the rounds to travel to some early presidential states for key speeches, but he ultimately announced earlier this year he would not run. In March 2019, he came out and said he would not be running in 2020 and that he planned to instead focus his efforts on redistricting efforts.

But now, given how weak the rest of the Democrat presidential field is in 2020, and with other top talent showing that the water is definitely still warm, Holder appears to be reconsidering and thinking about getting into the race after all.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson reported late Thursday evening that Holder has been discussing a late entrance into the crowded Democrat field with a handful of close advisers and political consultants:

The news that Holder is reconsidering his decision to bow out on 2020 comes as Bloomberg has filed paperwork in Alabama, which has a Friday filing deadline, to run for president. He has not yet, according to multiple reports, made a decision on whether he will run for president or not, but filing paperwork in Alabama ensures he would have a shot at ballot access there should he mount a national campaign for the Democrat nomination.


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