Elijah Cummings Widow Maya Rips President Trump At Husband’s Baltimore Funeral


Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings joined Barack and Hillary to turn a somber event honoring her late husband Elijah into a Trump-bashing session for the ages.

They all took their respective shots at Trump serving no purpose but to settle petty scores to the home crowd.

Look, she is grieving and can say whatever the hell she wants but it is kind of weak to take shots at Trump as a way of celebrating the life of a legend. But the Democrats continue to surprise.

“President Obama, he was so proud. He was so proud. To stand with you and for you early, to be your co-chair here in the state of Maryland, to serve as your chief defense attorney on the House Oversight Committee, and to make sure that you and your administration were all right,” Rockeymoore Cummings said.

“But you did not have any challenges like we got going on now,” she added with a wry smirk delighting in the crowd’s approval of her dig at Trump. And so it went.

She added that Elijah Cummings’s “job became harder over time. … Now, he had to go on to actually work to fight for the soul of our democracy against very real corruption.”

“I want you all to know that it was not easy, but congressman — what Chairman Cummings did was not easy.

And it got infinitely more difficult in the last month of his life, when he sustained personal attacks and attacks on his beloved city. And while he carried himself with grace and dignity in all public forums, it hurt him, because one thing you do not know about congressman Cummings — he was a man of soul and spirit.

He felt very deeply. He was very empathetic. It was one of his greatest gifts. And it was one of the sources of his ability to be a public servant and a man of the people.

So with that, to have the week’s activities basically be laid out in such a glorious way, to be a tribute to the great man that he was, to the great legacy that he left — to be the first African-American congressman to ever lie in state in the US Capitol.

Now, it is true that he dictated every aspect of his service today, and he would have told me, my, I don’t want a service at the US Capitol, but I felt very strongly that they were trying to tear him down, and we needed to make sure that he went out with the respect and the dignity that he deserved.

This was a man of the utmost integrity. Do you hear me? He had integrity! And he cared about our democracy. He cared about our planet.”


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