Dr. Fauci Silences Trump’s Critics: ‘Of Course’ I Would Prescribe Chloroquine For Patients


All of Trump’s critics have been way too quick to pounce and in that way have exposed their bias.

For example, take the anti-malaria drugs that have shown promise in treating the virus. The media ripped Trump for giving hope (a hope that may work) to people and tried to tear him down.

When one person ate some chemicals meant for a fish tank the media blamed POTUS. But they are doing a disserve as Dr. Fauci, a total straight shooter, says he would prescribe these drugs if for no other reason than to give hope.

“Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” The Shawshank Redemption

From Breitbart:

CHRIS STIGALL: If you’re a doctor listening to me right now and a patient with coronavirus feels like they want to try [Chloroquine] and you’re their doctor, you’re not Anthony Fauci the guy running the coronavirus task force, would you say ‘alright, we’ll give it a whirl’?

ANTHONY FAUCI: Yeah, of course, particularly if people have no other option. You want to give them hope.

In fact, for physicians in this country, these drugs are approved drugs for other reasons.

They’re anti-malaria drugs and they’re drugs against certain autoimmune diseases, like lupus.

Physicians throughout the country can prescribe that in an off-label way.

Which means they can write it for something it was not originally approved for.

People do that all the time, and it really is an individual choice between the physician and his or her patient as to whether or not they want to do that.

From Townhall:

This blows away the newest, fake non-controversy between Fauci and the president that he is unhappy that the president announced the possibility that hydroxychloroquine could provide a treatment option for patients suffering from COVID-19. Of course, there needs to be further testing on the efficacy of this drug and this treatment, the president has always acknowledged that and so has Fauci, he did so in the interview with Stigall. (Listen to the entire interview below.)

But, when pressed on the issue in the most fundamental way, “Would you, as a doctor, prescribe this for your patient?” Fauci said “yes.”

Do you see this reported anywhere? And why not?

In the face of a global pandemic, the media couldn’t possibly have a day go by without trying to bring down President Trump. The priority is to drum up some kind of invisible drama for political editors, writers and producers to latch onto instead of providing sober, contextualized data for their readers and viewers. They don’t know how to report on a pandemic, only on a special counsel investigation or impeachment. That’s what they were hired to do. It’s all they know.


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